If you would head over to any search engine and search for the payments the freelancers make in one hour, you will get a broad range.

The Factor of Experience

A recent survey handled by ClearVoice found out that in a sample of more than 500 freelancers, 91% of them earned rates of between $21 hourly and more than $100 hourly. About 9% got $20 per hour or below. When the numbers got narrowed down to the experience factor, the survey showed less experienced writers got underpaid while the top earners had gained experience.

The content you write matters

The income you make as a freelance writer also depends on the content you produce. White papers, with the highest rates in the market, pay between $100 to $200 per hour, followed by a tie between ghostwriting, technical writing, and copywriting, which chunks out $40, $45 to $100 hourly. Most projects do not bill hourly, which makes it hard to make comparisons. Others get billed word by word.

How much they take in per word

About three-quarters of the ClearVoice’s respondents admitted that they tend to charge per word or hourly depending on the client. It is a smart way to charge per word because when you get to work on projects, you will get to earn more. You will also be free from the hourly work, and the pay will get purely based on output and performance.

By-project payment

You may find clients that pay writers by the project and not by the hour or several words. It is more on PPC ads, campaigns on emails, and website pages. The pay depends on the value of the content of the final product.

For instance, SEO writing and strategy development can fetch a writer $500 every hour. For a whole website, you can rake in between $1500 and $3500 for about five pages.

Pay-per-click can fetch you $2500 for ten adverts. Many other amenities come with working for such clients.

Content writing vs. Copywriting

In the world of copywriting, less than 50% of skilled writers got $50,000. The figure was up in the years before. The yearly pay from Glassdoor mirrors a value of $60,000 annually. It is hard to calculate annual salaries because there are freelancers that will go doing the jobs part-time, and others completely immerse themselves in them. A fact is that the best freelancers tend to heighten their rates that only the well-established organizations and companies can afford.

Good pay and where to locate it

It can be hard to break into the world of freelancing. Most newbies work for low-paying companies. As a writer, you must get a bidding site, and the most famous one is UpWork. Here, the client posts the job and selects the bids. Afterward, they choose the best writer with the lowest bid. They pay so poorly, and that gives it one reason to find jobs there easily.

Where the main payouts lie

You can sign up for free newsletters to get alerts of freelance jobs for writing. You can buy copies from the internet and subscribe for weekly or daily alerts. To land such tasks, you must prove yourself worthy and backed with a strong portfolio.