Tips on Getting Freelance Jobs

Finding writing jobs is always a challenge, even to the more experienced people in the market. The real deal comes when you are just getting to the business of freelancing. Worry not, because here are the tips to finding that writing job you have always wanted.

  1. Networking

It may seem like a plain reason or a soft one, but you can always land chances through talking to people and get the first gig through them. In case you might know someone who is already doing whatever you are planning on doing, that is even better. You will get to rise ranks with this kind of attitude. You will get free advice and will possibly avoid getting into traps.

  1. Create a platform

It could be a website, a blog, or a social media platform. It doesn’t matter. What matters are that you have a dedicated place where you can keep your written articles. That could be your resume when you are looking for new jobs. You can utilize WordPress to create your first blog and post your work there for free. You can have an extension of your blog to your social pages so that more people get to reach you and see your work.

  1. Get strategic when working for free

Several people out there will advise you against writing for free. That could be a challenge, especially when you are young in the game or just starting. Choices may be futile, and you may get forced into going down that sad route. You must have a portfolio if you want to land freelance jobs. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in this position, be strategic.

Be aware of exposure writings as they get to expire at some points. Learn to work on your terms. Focus on doing the best you can while rooting for your success too.

  1. Look for jobs online

You may be in a precarious position where you do not know where to look for these jobs, or you may not know how to land them after all. There are hundreds of sites where you can find jobs online out there, and here are a few;

  • LinkedIn Jobs: make sure you create a profile that stands out on this platform as it will attract potential clients. Make sure it is up to date and is grammar-friendly.
  • Study Hall: it is a newsletter that rolls out weekly jobs for freelancers, full-time workers, and part time jobs.
  • Mediabistro: the site has job listings from companies like NBC and Rolling Stone Magazine. You can find freelance opportunities here.
  1. Learn how to pitch

You may know someone who will willingly have you connected to an editor of a website or newspaper, and you probably want to send out a pitch to the editor. If you have the experience to back up your pitch, they may even come racing at you to land you a chance.

Whatever happens, you must understand that mastery of the art of pitching is vital for any proficient writer out there. Have ideas stored before seeking out a client. Follow these steps:

  • Think of a great idea
  • Research on it
  • Get in touch with an editor for questions
  • Make an introduction of yourself and forward the pitch.