If you are looking for ways to make money, one of the easiest ways is to start helping people with their homework and other school tasks. By providing this service, you will not only be able to earn some extra income but also provide valuable assistance at the same time.

How to complete assignments and earn money

Before you can start earning money from helping others with their homework or other school tasks, there are some things that all successful tutors must first do. 

Below is a list of things you must do to make money doing homework.

  1. Find students who need help with their homework and other school tasks

You can get paid to do homework by first finding students who need help with their homework and other school tasks by using social media, search engines, and review sites, and finding students who reside within your area.

  • Social media: thanks to technology, social media is a great place to easily gain publicity and clients. Post on Facebook or Twitter stating that you have extra help available for high school or college students.
  • Search engines: use Google to search for students who live around your vicinity. This will help narrow your search down to those who are near you. 
  • Homework sites: check out websites that provide homework help services to students and apply to them. When doing this, always look out for companies that have great authentic reviews, this way, you can rest assured that the company is reliable and legit.
  1. Set up a profile 

If you wish to get paid to do people’s homework independently, then set up a profile on sites like Fiverr or Upwork where people will hire freelancers based on their needs (and price). Make sure that when setting your profile, there is enough information about yourself so prospective clients know what kind of field you specialize in, and what type of results have been achieved from previous jobs.

Ensure that you remain professional at all times when interacting with clients because this will show confidence, which will ultimately build trust. 

  1. Assist in your area of expertise

You can get paid to do homework online in your area of expertise. It is always best to offer assistance in your specialty, this way, you avoid a lot of mistakes and errors. An area of expertise is something you are strongly knowledgeable in, for instance; if you are experienced in writing, or have a passion for it, you can offer to write essays for high school and college students.

If you do not know what areas are available for helping out with homework assignments, look online or do a quick personal survey, by asking students what subjects they would require external help in.

  1. Stay in touch with your clients

If you are trying to get paid to do someone’s homework, you must stay in touch with your clients. It is also important that they know that you care about them and their success. Keeping in touch regularly allows them to feel like they can trust you, which is especially helpful if you want them to offer you money to sort out their troubles with schoolwork.

  1. Grow your network
  • To do homework for money, start by making connections with people who are already in your network (friends and family).
  • Ask friends and family members for introductions to other people you want to meet or look for opportunities to connect with people at events and conferences.
  • Get involved in social media groups where you can interact with others who share your interests or passions. This will enable you to find out about new trends that might be useful for getting more homework help jobs.


A lot of students are stuck in a vicious cycle, where they cannot afford to do their homework. If you wish to help people, or if you want to get paid for your work, the above tips will help guide you.