CoGems: Meet Block Club Chicago


Well Chicago, I know it has been quite some time, but I hope everyone is hanging in there with this bizarre weather. A lot has been going on here at CoGen the past couple of months. The community is growing and we are excited to start introducing our members to you!

If you are from Chicago you've probably heard of DNAinfo and have missed them terrible since they shut down. Well.....welcome Block Club Chicago!! The editors of DNAinfo figured who can live without neighborhood news (trust me you don't want to) and started Block Club Chicago.


I conducted a little interview with the fabulous team and this is what they had to share:

1. Why did you start Block Club Chicago?

We started Block Club Chicago because our city needs more neighborhood news coverage. As former editors and reporters at DNAinfo Chicago, we know how important coverage of stories in Chicago neighborhoods is to people. In one year alone at DNA, we had 106 million page views. In a city of 2.7 million people. So when that website shut down, we decided to restart a version of it and call it Block Club Chicago, an homage to the block clubs around the city that keep an eye on things.

2. What is the weirdest/craziest/strangest story you have ever done?

That’s a tough one because DNAinfo had a knack for writing weird/crazy/strange stories, so this is a deep well for us. We'll go with the story about the worst parking spot in Chicago. It’s a single spot on a residential street in Lakeview — that the locals know not to use. Why? It sits beneath a VERY active bird’s nest. And those birds, shall we say, enjoy taking vigorous target practice at the car below. So the only people who park there are unsuspecting outsiders. 

That story was one of those bizarre neighborhood tales that showed people we didn’t just cover the serious parts of the neighborhood … we covered all parts of the neighborhood.

3. How would you describe your team dynamic?

We would describe our team dynamic as collaborative. We love to bounce ideas off each other to see if they are doable, helpful or downright bad. And we’re all willing to roll up our sleeves to finish a job.

4. How has/will coworking help Block Club Chicago?

For one, it will get us out of coffee shops and into a spot we can call home. It will give us a chance to work side-by-side with each other — but also to be around some of our potential readers. We hope they don’t mind us asking them for story ideas or to share our stories! Also, there was free pie. 


Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram (@blockclubchi) and Twitter (@BlockClubCHI).

Check back for next month's CoGems!


Jessy WuCoGen Coworking