5 New Year’s Business Resolutions You Need in 2018

Snow and Christmas lights lined the Chicago streets this past weekend and things are winding down here at CoGen as we get ready for the holidays. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t already planning for 2018! Here are a few tips and tricks for you to take into consideration as your business steps into the New Year.


1. Be more transparent

State exactly what your values are for your business. Whatever your mission or vision is stick to it! Do not say you are baby boomer friendly and then give them the newest technology with zero explanation or instructions. Make a plan or look at what your business plan was 5 years ago and make sure that vision is always in the center.


2. Get focused and be productive

Enough with the distractions! Get off social media (unless that is your job) and start making lists and goals to accomplish. It is amazing how many hours are wasted scrolling through Instagram! Stop putting off editing that proposal and just do it! It’ll be amazing how much your business starts to grow when due dates are applied.


3. Create or improve digital presence (includes social media)

If you have no digital presence, stop reading this blog immediately and fix that!! Do your research and learn what platforms your market is using. To reach an older crew consider email news blasts and Facebook. For those who are younger (aka Millennials) Instagram and Snapchat are huge! Do a little research, create a posting schedule/calendar, and wala you have an amazing start to improving your digital presence!


4. Have good internal marketing

When is the last time you checked in on your employees and interns? Do they feel like they are growing in their positions or are they feeling neglected? These are important things to keep in mind! A happy employee means a more productive business. Learn what motivates your employees and ask what they think could use improvements, more attention, etc. You’d be surprised how much better your business runs when everyone is given a chance to grow!


5. Build trustworthy and meaningful relationships

Do you go to the same coffee shop every morning on your way to work? Well, next time stop and chat with the barista or businessman/woman next to you. Every person you meet should be considered an important person. That barista could be waiting to share an idea that could bring your business to the next level!