Love the Way You Work


Calling all professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and anyone who does something! How many of you are tired of working from home, a windowless cubicle, or just the same environment everyday? I have been working from home this week and thought, “Great! Nothing like sitting on the couch in my pajamas all day while working!” It can be great for a few weeks, or in my experience a few days. My dear little Winston (a chihuahua/pug or chug if you want to be technical) does not seem to understand my need to use both hands on my laptop. One always seems to end up on him or playing tug-a-war. Talk about a needy little pup! Anyways, my point is whether you have kids, a dog, roommates, or just nothing really holding you accountable to actually doing your work it can be tough working from home. And do I really need to say much more about a windowless cubicle?? Environment is more important to attitude and work ethic than most would think! That is why CoGen CoWorking wants YOU to love the way you work and work the way you love.

CoGen is the newest coworking space in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood. Founder, Jessy Wu, has created the ultimate space for you to work at a home away from home. Exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and Pinterest perfect work stations are just the foundation of the ideal workspace for your creative thoughts to flow.

Working solo or from an office and need a change of environment occasionally? Great! We offer a membership plan catered to your needs! Come sit, talk, work, or just stare into space in our vast, open lounge area. Collaborate with the professional sitting next to for fresh, new ideas and networking opportunities. Did we mention, unlimited coffee & beverages?

Private offices are available for teams of 2-8 people. Work quietly with your team and also have the freedom to step outside your office door into a room full of other creative individuals. Sometimes your teammates may just drive you crazy or not understand a new idea you just proposed. Well, you never know who may be quietly sipping their coffee and listen to you rant about your business and ideas. Who knows, they could be just the person to help push you and your team to the next level!

That is what we love about coworking and what CoGen strives to be every day. We are here to help you not stress about the small details and just enjoy your work! Stop by CoGen today to see the innovative minds working and smell the fresh pot of coffee brewing.